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Student Insurance Notice

Student Insurance

STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE information is available to all parents and guardians in our front office.

Accidents are supposed to happen, but they do. School recess, one-day field trips, and general day to day activities can all lead to injuries. Having coverage during school hours, or around the clock, can insure your loved ones get the care they need without financial hardship to your family.

Please talk to us about STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

Please click here for information about signing up. (English and Spanish) 

Capacity Information



Current Enrollment

Choice Occupancy Available











This information is based on the grade level, the number of teachers at the grade level (basic, do not include resource, inclusion or vocational/specials), the class size cap, and the 90% requirement for Choice to be offered.


The math for 4th grade would be:  in 4th grade there are 5 teachers.  5 x 22 (class size)=110 Capacity.  110 x .90=99.  Ninety students is below the 99 currently enrolled so there is space available in the 4th grade.  Mark Y for yes in the Choice Occupancy column.


For 5th grade there are 6 teachers.  6 x 22=132.  132 x .90=117.  The current enrollment is 122 which is over 117 (90% of capacity) so there is no space available in 5th grade.  Mark N for no in the Choice Occupancy column

Grade 16-17 Capacity Current Enrollment Choice Occupancy Available
K 90 75 Y
1 90 79 Y
2 72 72 N
3 75 81 N
4 88 79 N
5 66 62 N

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